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Anxiety / Fear
A majority of the school counselors surveyed identified these emotions as significant issues in your children. Our fables will help your child develop the ability to recognize their anxiety/fear and determine what they are telling themselves to generate it (typical anxiety and fear responses are caused by the unrealistic, irrational things we are thinking). They can then develop the skills necessary to challenge and change their thinking into something more realistic. Concern, will allow you address an issue appropriately but anxiety/fear will activate your “flight reflex”, which unfortunately can become your child’s primary means of coping with life problems.
There is a phase often used when referring to someone who seems happy and satisfied with themselves and their life. They are said to be “Happy within their own skin.” This really refers to their “cognitive coping repertorie”... the realistic, positive and effective things they tell themselves about themselves, others and life. This may sound complex but in the fables, your child will learn about self- acceptance from one who learns to be “Happy within their own skin.” This quality or ability can be learned through the fables’ lessons.
Academic Success/Accepting Responsibility/Consequences
There are opportunities in childhood to learn skills that will be useful all of your life. Unfortunately, some children may not be predisposed to want to learn those skills, which can include; paying attention, accepting responsibility, accepting consequences, doing your very best, being patient and persistent and listening to the guidance of others. These are all skills valuable in an academic setting and throughout your life. As you can guess, the recommended fables cover many of these skills and illustrate what happens when you fail to learn them.

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