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The fables in the Coping Skills’, Adventures of Cosmos Crow address issues that can be problematic for both adults and children. Our fables overlap various topic areas because irrational (Stinky) thinking can cause problems in multiple areas.
Adventures of Cosmos Crow fables are not about “perfect solutions” but rather about helping you and your children understand and develop the skills to deal with an issue across a wide range of situations while dealing with many different types of people. On the next two pages, you will find a brief paragraph outlining our philosophy and strategy in addressing a particular problem area as identified by parents and school counselors. There are several fables for various ages that have a certain issue or quality as the major or minor theme. Our website’s “Adventure Topics” will give you a more detailed summary of each story.
The fables of the Coping Skills series are more about teaching you how you handle your thinking and responses to Bullying, Teasing and Ridicule than about “making them stop.” If you are able to use “Good Thinking” taught in these stories, you will have self-control, self-confidence and will not make yourself unduly upset. Your child can understand that it is not “weakness” to ignore the other’s negative behavior and in so doing, the other’s behavior will not accomplish the goal of the perpetrator and the behavior will stop in time. These are skills not just for the eight- year old’s school playground but also for the twenty-eight-year old’s workplace.
Social Skills
There are certain social skills that make it possible for you to be more accepted, more successful and happier throughout your life. These skills are behaviors but they start with learning good “coping self-messages.” These cognitive (thinking) skills do not come naturally to us and some may even be discouraged in some setting or by your children’s peers. These stories will introduce and reinforce concepts that parents and teachers will want to reinforce daily.

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