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For Parents The Character Tree
The Story Books in the Cosmos Crow Coping Skills, Adventures of Cosmos Crow series, are designed to help all of us (children and adults) learn that much of our success and happiness in life depends on our “Self-Talk”.
If you tell yourself things that are realistic and make sense (Good Thinking) you are more likely to deal with life and those in it successfully.
If you tell yourself things that are not realistic and don’t make sense (Stinky Thinking) you will deal with life situations and those in it less successfully.
Our “Character Tree” story tells of a nut that is dropped in a less than desirable location and consequently grows to be a small, poorly developed tree. Although this sounds like the beginning of a very sad story, it turns out to be quite the opposite.
Through the few pages of this story we learn of the difficulties of the young tree’s life and how he regrets not being big and full of fruit like the “valley trees”.
But this small tree is always glad to see the birds when they rest in his branches. Even though it is difficult for him to produce fruit for the birds to eat, he does so without complaining.

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