Page 15 - GM-Character Tree
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His kindness, patience and generosity are such that the birds name him the "Character Tree" and use him as an inspiration to teach their children about these important qualities
The ‘Character’ qualities of the tree are the same qualities that will help your children be happy and successful in life. But if they focus on perceived personal negative qualities (being too short) or discount important positive qualities (“Why should I be nice to him when he never talks to me”) they will be using a lot of emotional energy that will pay no dividends in the future.
Help your children understand what made the tree so admired and appreciated.
The Character Tree accepted the realities of its situation with no blaming others or ‘fate’ (no pity party).
The Character Tree did not resent others for being more fortunate (living in the valley).
The Character Tree did it's best with the opportunities that were available.
The Character Tree focused on how it could be helpful to others without demanding or even expecting praise.
These skills resulted from the Character Tree’s Good Thinking self-talk, just as it can for your children.

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