Page 38 - 2019 Priory Yearbook
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   MS Play
robin hood
1. Robin Hood, Lady Marian, and her best friend Lilibeth observe in sheer horror as their “deep oppressor,” Prince John “Boo hiss, Boo hiss” demands cooperation from his subjects, with much disgrace from onlookers.
2. The Evil Prince John, played by Kai Cassel (8) and his right- hand-man the Sheriff of Nottingham, played by Cole Blevins (8), toast to the overplayed tune of “Let it Go” with immoral grins. 3. Max Yonehiro (8) presents the Merry Men with their favorite snack, Ho-Ho’s!!! They cheer in delight as their leader, Robin Hood, played by John Max Byrne (9) shakes his head in dismay.
By: Jess Fathers

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