Page 39 - 2019 Priory Yearbook
P. 39

4. Ben Putney (9), or Little John, screams with his arms flailing about in utter confusion, as his leader screams directions.
5. The cast and Crew of “The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood” pose proudly with arms waving, eyes crossed, and hats tilted.
6. Freya Allen(8), playing “The Town’s Guy,” gives one of her prominent narrations for the Middle School Show, “The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood.”
7. Jess Fathers (9) shrieks her iconic scream as Lady Marian’s confidant, Liilibeth, this not being her first scream on stage, she deafens both members of the stage, and the audience.
8. Alexis Levin (8), and other crew members rearrange the genius “rolling set” for a new scene.

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