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    Ms. Payne entered Priory’s upper school community in the same year that we did. From English Foundations I to American Woman to Short Stories and many more, she watched us grow --- and gave us a few much- needed tips along the way. Ms. Payne had always held a special place in our hearts, and was a comrade and helpful hand as we integrated ourselves into the Priory community.
Mrs. Payne balances high expectations with empathetic flexibility; she is fair and good and inhabits the Benedictine values that we constantly (constantly) hear about. She brings much-needed classroom humor to our stressful days, and is always willing to listen if you need to talk.
But besides being a basically perfect human being, Ms. Payne is
a brilliant educator. She engages us in class discussions and
activities, and strongly encourages students to revise their writing
(her policy of revising essays has saved our grades and
improved our skills on multiple occasions). From writing original
short stories to giving TED talks, Ms. Payne inspires creativity in the
classroom. She pushes us to exceed our own expectations, and
set ever-higher goals for ourselves.
Inside the classroom and out, you are one of the best and
brightest people we’ve ever had the pleasure to learn from. As
we move on to the next chapter in our lives, we’ll remember your
bubbly enthusiasm, hilarious stories, and those little inside jokes
(we do still need to get that swear jar, don’t we?).
Ms. Payne, you’ve taught us that kindness is a priceless currency.
You’ve taught us that it is never too late to learn from our
mistakes. You are the role model we definitely needed
throughout our four years at Priory, and the gift that keeps on
giving. For these reasons, and so many more, we dedicate this
2019 yearbook to you.
Written by Sophia Giarrusso ’19
Ms. Payne

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