Page 6 - 2019 Priory Yearbook
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   Teacher Dedication
licking, ted talks & other Payne-ful stroreis
 By: Sarah Park and Leyan Zhai
An awe-inspiring embodiment of kindness and patience, Ms. Payne has been a guiding hand for the Class of 2019. We’ve all confided in and embarrassed ourselves in front of Ms. Payne before (and if she was silently judging us the entire time, at least she has a pretty great poker face). She’s dealt with daily exchanges like the following:
Unnamed Senior: “Do I staple my essay together, or should I use a paper clip?”
Ms. Payne: “You know, you are all brilliant young men and women! Use your creative license!”
Unnamed Senior: “I’m just gonna lick it.”
Ms. Payne, without batting an eye: “Maybe that’s a little too creative?”
Seriously, she’s put up with some strange things, and that’s just from our class. How she does it? We’ll likely never know, but we all aspire to achieve it.

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