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Cross Country
one step at a time
1. Jamie Field (7) confidently begins her run for the day, laughing conversationally with fellow teammate, Ellie Turk (7). Jamie being new to the Priory team, was definitely beneficial, and created a new aspect for the 7th/8th grade team. “I love running, because you can choose whether it’s a personal sport or a team sport,” she says. I’m glad that a new cross country star could join the team.
2. Steve Marsheck shows off his famous smolder, while coaching his team. After a more difficult practice, he instructs his “little tigers” on endurance and running form. As Mr. Marsheck notoriously quotes “This is the best Middle School
Cross Country team of the year.” This title truly lives up to its name. 3. The sixth graders prepare to begin the yearly Crystal Springs relay race with anticipation. Introducing multiple new star runners, this year’ s sixth graders were ranked first in their league, for the first time in a while. “I have done track and cross country before, but not until this year have I really challenged myself. I think this has improved my running a lot,” Liberty Fathers (6) reports. We certainly haven't seen this much young potential before, and we look forward to them thriving on the team.
By: Jess Fathers and Sarah Park

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