Page 91 - 2019 Priory Yearbook
P. 91

4. Miles Dobrenski (8), starts a race determinedly. With a look of concentration, this practiced runner aims for a personal record, that will knock the previous out of the park. “I think this years season was great because everyone on the team always put in consistent effort,” Miles remarked.
5. Left to Right: Naomi Aalfs (6), Nadia Iskandar (6), Sean Genet (7), Augie Schlaak (7), Peter Baszucki (6), Heather Baszucki (8), Adrian Torres (6), Juliet Drost (7), Ellie Turk (7), Willa Bourke (6), Jamie Field (7), Zsofia Horvath (7), Sean Nayebi (6), Kai Cassel (8), Chloe Walters (6), Liberty Fathers (6), Maddie Kacin (6), Coach Steve Marsheck, Jacqueline Biscay (6).
6. Kai Cassel (8), completes his race with steely eyes and speedy legs. A three year Priory Cross Country runner, Kai has just finished his final year on the team. “Cross country was a great community from the beginning, I never looked forward to any other sport practice like I did cross country,” Kai appreciates. Though the cross country experience is different for everyone, Kai received the importance of a good mentality in running.

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