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In relation to the adverse political and econom- ic situation in 2016, we conducted business ac- cording to our strategy; which, reinforced by the pillars of focus, discipline and consistency, allowed us to achieve good results with opera- tional and  nancial indicators that attest to the increasing e ciency of operations.
Net revenue at the end of the period was R$9,648.7 million, up from R$9,524.8 million the year prior. EBITDA was at R$989 million, with a margin of 10.3%. Return on Invested Capital (ROIC), in turn, reached 23.9%. Internally, during the year we underwent a decen- tralization policy, giving managers greater autono- my and speeding decisions, aimed at maintaining healthy growth at the speed needed in the market. However, expanding managers’ decision-making power at units was fundamental to integrating a pillar that supports the business: agility.
In the domestic market, we made progress on our proposal to increase points of sale, opening up better payment terms and credit volume to cus- tomers.  erefore, we registered an anually rise in served customers from 30,000 to aproximate- ly 57,000.  is measure also re ected growth in fresh meat sales, with a higher average price than in 2015. Even within a volatile economic scenar- io, our gross revenue in the domestic Meat Divi- sion was 10% higher, reaching R$2.7 billion.  is amount accounts for 32% of this Division’s sales.

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