Page 11 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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On the foreign market, we consolidated global structures, especially international o ces, with a greater commercial focus, going on to orig- inate a higher volume of third-party products through company tradings in Uruguay and Australia, in addition to developing e cient distribution channels.
 e opening of the North American market and a slow-down in Australian exports allowed South America, and especially Brazil, to access new markets.  is e ect should contribute to a new round of trade openings throughout South America, which will grow sales channels in the international market.
In addition to these movements, throughout 2016 we adopted operational e ciency programs, such as Winning Attitude, which have proven e ective in standardizing processes and boosting the pro- ductivity and pro tability of operations.
I would like to thank the Minerva Foods team for their work and dedication. We believe that a com- bination of meritocracy, consistent strategy, dis- cipline in execution and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices are conducts to main- tain the continuous growth and value creation.
Fernando Galletti de Queiroz

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