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2016 Sustainability Report
1999 – Acquisition of the The history of Minerva Foods began in slaughter and pro-
1992, when the Vilela de Queiroz family acquired Frigorífico Minerva do Brasil S.A. – a slaughter and processing unit in Barretos (SP), which is currently the Com- pany’s headquarters.
During its early years, the Company expand- ed operations in Brazil, opening up slaughter and processing units in strategic regions. As of
cessing unit in José Bonifácio (SP).
2004 – Construction and opening of
the slaughter and 2008, with the acquisition of the Friasa pack- processing unit
ing plant in Paraguay, focus was turned to oth- er opportunities, especially in South America.
1957 –  e Vilela de Queiroz family begins raising cattle and pro-
viding logistics services for the transport of cattle from farms to slaughterhouses.
in Palmeiras de Goiás (GO).
2006 – Leasing of the slaughter and pro- cessing unit in Ba-
tayporã (MS).
2007 – Acquisition of the industrial unit in Araguaína (TO) and
1992 – Acquisition of Frigorí co Minerva do Brasil S.A., the
family’s  rst slaughter and processing unit, located in Barretos (SP).  e Compa- ny also establishes Indústria e Comércio de Carnes Min- erva Ltda.
start of construction on the unit in Rolim de Moura (RO) and in Barretos (SP) – for production of cooked and frozen meat, through a joint venture with the Dawn Farms Group of Ireland.
2008 – Acquisition of the Lord Meat meat-
packing plant in Goianésia (GO) and the Friasa meatpacking plant in Paraguay.

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