Page 23 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
P. 23

2009 – Opening of the cooked and frozen meat unit in
Barretos (SP).
2010 – Acquisition of the industrial unit in Campina Verde (MG).
2011 – Acquisition of the PUL meatpacking plant in Uruguay.
2012 – Adoption of the Minerva Foods brand and acquisition of the Frigomerc meat-
2013 – Total control is gained of Minerva Dawn Farms , which goes on to adopt
the Minerva Fine Foods brand, with an agreement signed to acquire BRF slaugh- ter and deboning operations in Várzea Grande and Mirassol d’Oeste (MT).
2014 – Acquisition of the Carrasco meat- packing plants in Uruguay and an
industrial unit in Janaúba (MG). Start of operations in Várzea Grande and Mirassol d’Oeste (MT).
2015 – Acquisition of the Red Cárnica meatpacking plant in Colombia and lease of the Expacar
processing and slaughter unit in Paraguay.
2016 – Acquisition of Intermeat – Assessoria e Comércio Ltda., a limited liability com-
pany headquartered in Barueri (SP), and creation of the Minerva Comer- cializadora de Energia Ltda. subsidiary.
packing plant in Paraguay.

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