Page 25 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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Minerva Foods not only understands that meat is a commodity, but also sees this as the basis of its operating strategy for large scale production, distribution channels suited to operations and e ective risk man- agement. Faced with a volatile economic situation in 2016, these aspects were funda- mental to the Company’s solid growth, with a focus on producing beef in South Ameri- ca and exporting to the global market. Planning, agility and discipline were need- ed to assure sustainable development with- in various areas of action, especially on three closely connected work fronts: geo- graphic diversi cation, growth in distribu- tion channels and strengthening of the sales area – an operating strategy underpinned by e cient actions.
From le  to right (standing): Eduardo Puzziello (Director of Investor Relations), Francisco Assis (Director of Planning and Control), Flávia Ribeiro (Legal Director), Luis Ricardo Luz (COO Beef Brasil and Colombia) and Patrício Silveira (COO Beef South America). From le  to right (seated): Iain Mars (COO Global), Fernando Galletti de Queiroz (CEO Minerva Foods) and Edison Ticle (CFO Minerva Foods).

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