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Commercial Journey
 e sales team has been blazing a gradual transformation that was intensi ed in the face of a quite unfavorable domestic scenar- io, with consumption falling by over 30% and more a ordable prices becoming more popu- lar. To confront these challenges, more para- digms were broken, which means adopting a strategy of selling to more customers and in- creasing transactions with the current grow- ing mix and volume of products.  e sales team began to focus on one-to-one service and to prioritize work fronts aimed at creat- ing closer relations with customers through services and solutions – a way to sell value by recognizing their real needs.
Adjustments were also made to visits, process- es, sales routines and the Management Model, in addition to expanding product training.  ese practices will be consolidated in 2017 and an e ort will be made to further automate processes in a robust way to guaran- tee growth.
2016 Sustainability Report
Domestic market
To deal with an unfavorable scenario in 2016, Min- erva Foods adopted a strategy of reinforcing part- nerships with customers, in addition to o ering an expanded product portfolio. Another measure was extension of payment terms and more lending, resulting in growth in the number of customers served domestically.
Regarding points of sale, the Company consolidat- ed its one-stop-shop, that is, it reinforced the con- cept of bringing solutions to all and any customers, which was replicated at foreign distribution points, such as Paraguay. Another successfully implement- ed concept was Go to Market, prioritizing openings for food service customers, o ering them a larger number of items.

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