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2016 Sustainability Report
Foreign market
Accounting for over 60% of revenues, Miner- va Foods has maintained a consistent position in the foreign market, with operational units in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia, 11 Distribution Centers, nine international sales o ces and two trading companies – in Uruguay and Australia.
 roughout 2016 the Company sought to grow foreign distribution channels, consolidating exports and opening space for sales based on third-party origination through its trading companies.  is movement was geared towards e cient and consistent foreign market growth – especially in Asia and South America.
 e challenge in South America was to grow sustainably. To this end, the tendency is to in- vest in innovation and  nd new cuts and pro- ducers. An example of this is development of a premium line in Paraguay, which can be repli- cated to other units.
Management model
With the organizational structure being refor- mulated and having adopted a matrix manage- ment model, Minerva Foods decentralized de- cision-making processes, gaining greater agility to meet customer demands and strengthening channels of communication.  e creation of four business units – Beef Brazil and Colombia, Beef South America, Other Businesses, and In- ternational O ces and Latin America Distribu- tion, led by COOs reporting directly to the CEO – also made internal processes more dynamic and resulted in stronger inter-area integration.

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