Page 29 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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 e matrix management model contributed to applying business strategies by allowing for joint work by managers and greater agility in decision-making.  e result was increased ef-  ciency in planning and control of activities, in addition to greater autonomy for managers who, because they are at the tips of processes, are able to quickly manage operations at the market level, which requires more speed to maintain sustainable growth.
Matrix Management Model
Beef Brazil and Colombia Responsible for op- erations in Brazil and Colombia, including origination, industries and Beef Brazil and Colombia commercial distribution.
Beef South America Dedicated to operations in Uruguay and Paraguay, which encompass origination and industries.
International O ces and
Latin America Distribution Responsible for our foreign sales opera- tions and for distri- bution in Paraguay, Chile and Colombia.
Other business Manages the leather, live cattle, casings and biodiesel operations.
Support areas
Administration Legal

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