Page 34 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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2016 Sustainability Report
Beef Desk
 e Minerva Foods Beef Desk is a key and innovative tool for managing risk.  e Beef Desk is similar to a commodity trading desk, coordinated by the Market Intelligence area, which is responsible for surveying information. It relies on participation of managers from the planning, production, cattle procurement, trading, treasury and market risk areas, in addition to the CFO and the COO of Beef Brazil and Colom- bia, to analyze, discuss scenarios and outline strat- egies for action.  e biggest di erential of this tool is allowing information from all areas to be shared, guaranteeing that decisions are made based on con- sistent data.
 e Company also holds weekly meetings – “choice meetings” – where families of beef cuts are compared based on an internally developed matrix and consid- ering labor costs, taxes, shipping, exchange rate varia- tion and more, in order to direct cuts to the most prof- itable markets according to the scenario analyzed.

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