Page 44 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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2016 Sustainability Report
 e Investor Relations department brings to- gether experienced professional dedicated to communicate in a transparently and clear way the Company's performance. To do this, there is an Investor Relations website (www.ri.min-, which contains  nancial information, industry analysts, corporate pre- sentations, notices and documents required by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and under the auspices of Regulations for the Novo Mercado Index. Contact is made with analysts who monitor the Company daily in  nancial markets, shares and currencies through e-mails, meetings and phone conferences.
In 2016, the political and economic situation in Brazil intensi ed the exchange of informa- tion between Minerva Foods and investors.  e Company maintained its strategy to preserve credibility, keeping a transparent, agile and direct relationship free of red tape during the year, adding value and strengthening relations with investors.
Outlooks are positive for Minerva Foods in relation to exporters in South America – espe- cially Brazil. Global demand for beef continues to grow, and major players like Australia are

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