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2016 Sustainability Report
ti-Smoking Campaign, Safe Hands Campaign, Pink October, Occupational Safety Day and Blue November.
Inclusion G4-DMA Diversity and equal opportunity
 e People with Disabilities (PWD) Inclusion Program includes training strategies to prepare professionals according to the labor market's needs.  is initiative is in line with laws related to the so-called A rmative Action Law, aimed at including employees with disabilities on the sta . To do this, the Company holds training for managers and publicity campaigns to raise awareness on this topic.
In 2016, in partnership with the City Hall of Barretos (SP), the Company opened two class- rooms, built at the Solange Lana de Ávila Mu- nicipal Rehabilitation Center, to hold free pro- fessional training courses for people with motor disabilities. In addition to sponsoring this ini- tiative, Minerva Foods expects to absorb some of the professionals trained.
Health and Safety
G4-DMA Occupational health and safety
 e biggest value at Minerva Foods is Safety.  e Company has a legitimate commitment to guarantee a safe workplace for its employees. To this end, a robust program is maintained for risk management, safe behavior and learning from accidents, aimed at preventing any undesirable occurrence in time to avoid loss.  e Company furthermore maintains a close relationship with authorities who regulate aspects of employee health and safety, with the goal of ful lling le- gal obligations and being proactive in relation to these topics.  e pillars of health and safe- ty are guided internally by the Health, Safety, Environment, Food Safety and Social Respon- sibility Policy, which de nes the main commit-
ments and recalls other applicable procedures, programs and internal standards. G4-LA8
To gain greater engagement from all employees, in an e ort to achieve safe behavior in the work- place, Minerva invests in behavioral observa- tions, training and talks, maintaining a strict inspection program to verify use of personal protective equipment (PPE), collective protec- tive equipment (CPE), interlocks, sensors and other safety devices. A continual survey of risk agents found in the Company's facilities is also maintained, assuring that all employees work within established limits of tolerance. G4-LA7
All industrial units in Brazil maintain Internal Accident Prevention Commissions (Cipa) and a Specialized Occupational Safety and Medicine Engineering Service, allowing for appropriate support of industrial units.  ey have lead- ership committees whose responsibilities are de ned in relation to safety, guaranteeing that the policy and health and safety procedures are e ectively adopted. It is up to this committee to guarantee the investments approved for the area at each facility, according to the respective priorities. At all units, safety engagement and motivation activities are promoted, such as vis- its from the Corporate Safety area and Jornada SGI, aimed at spreading good practices.
 e Company invests in safety excellence pro- grams, such as power locks, fall protection, am- monia detection, machinery protection, mon- itoring of pressure vessels, work management in cold environments, preventive maintenance and behavioral safety work. With the approval of the annual investment plan, funds are bud- geted exclusively to improving units' perfor- mance in terms of safety. Indicators show that investments in people, systems and infrastruc- ture have yielded good results. G4-LA5

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