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2016 Sustainability Report
gal compliance of its suppliers – a process conducted by the Audit department that covers all units. G4-LA9
Quality of life
To contribute to the quality of life of its employees, Miner- va Foods supports initiatives such as::
Minerva Run – To encourage the practice of physical activity, quality of life and socialization among employees, Minerva Foods held the Minerva Run and Barretos Walk for the  rst time in 2016.  e event, which took place on May 15, cele- brated the National Day of Mobilization to Promote Health and Quality of Life (April 6) and World Health Day (April 7). Approximately 240 people participated, with the walk cover- ing four kilometers and the run covering  ve kilometers.
Meeting with Management –  e meetings are an oppor- tunity for employees to discuss suggestions for improve- ments in relation to processes, in addition to strengthen- ing ties with managers, fostering engagement outside of the institutional environment. In 2016, 92 meetings were held, at which questionnaires were used to survey employ- ee opinions about the unit's organizational climate.
Supportive Minerva –  is project involves social re- sponsibility initiatives carried out by volunteer employees to bene t communities, such as the Sweater Drive (2,872 items raised, which went to retirement homes, parishes, recovery houses and children's shelters).
Maternity project – Aimed at welcoming and advising pregnant employees through actions applied by a mul- tidisciplinary team. Assistance includes monthly talks, pre-natal care with clinical accompaniment, nutrition- al support at unit cafeterias, delivery of a maternity kit and an instructive booklet. Moreover, a specialized team makes visits to pregnant employees to guarantee support for mother and baby.
Culture and health campaigns – All units promote events (actions, talks and moments of re ection) on topics con- nected to health, safety and the environment, such as Wa- ter Day, World Health Day, World Environment Day, An-
 e "Minerva Run" event, held in Barretos (SP)

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