Page 67 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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Sustainability is what guides the Company
at every level, in order to contribute to the social,
economic and environmental
development of every region where opera-
tions are maintained
tion and bene ts procedure, in order to guaran- tee alignment of practices across all Company units, in Brazil and abroad.
Training and development G4-DMA Training and education
 e Company makes continual investments in employee training programs and courses, to promote new knowledge and encourage e - ciency and engagement in achieving the goals of strategic planning.
Under these auspices, the Leadership School is notable, dedicated to coordinators, supervisors, leaders and specialists in the administrative and operational areas at all units and in the corpo- rate area, with a focus on Personnel Manage- ment, Knowledge Management and Compe- tency-Based Management. Another highlight is the Leadership Development Program (LDP), involving executives from the Beef Brasil and Corporate divisions.  e Executive LDP is aimed at executive managers and directors; the Corpo- rate LDP, at corporate managers; and the Indus- trial LDP at industrial, administrative and cattle procurement managers. All include behavioral, technical and project development training for improved e cacy at industrial units.
In 2016, a total of 15,550.131 training hours were given.  e Company also carries out fre- quent sample-based audits to guarantee the le-

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