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2016 Sustainability Report
G4-DMA Energy | G4-DMA Water | G4-DMA E uents and waste
Minerva Foods invests in management of solid waste, liquid e uents and atmospheric emis- sions at its units, as well as in training of lead- ers to incorporate social and environmental re- sponsibility into decision-making. In 2016, a total of R$22.4 million was earmarked for environmental protection. G4-EN31 Management of environmental performance in- dicators guarantees that all standards and lim- its speci ed by law are respected, in addition to minimizing the potential impacts of activity on communities neighboring industrial units.
 e Company maintains an e cient environ- mental management tool – the logbook – ad- opted at all industrial units. It is based on a series of spreadsheets that are completed by en- vironment supervisors, monitoring:
• Technical data on the unit and wastewater treatment system.
• Environmental licensing information, per- missions for water collection and discharge of treated liquid e uents and compliance with technical restrictions.
• Environmental KPIs (Key Performance In- dicators) that include water consumption, generation of e uents, liquid e uent quali- ty, receiving body quality, costs, operational revenues and recovery of oils and greases in physical-chemical treatment systems.
• Performance charts (dashboard).
• Control of solid waste generation and disposal.
• Control of chemical products used in physi-
cal-chemical treatment systems.
• Control of biological products used in treat- ment systems.
• Control of daily parameters of settleable solids in the biological treatment system.
Minerva maintains a corporate Environmental Impacts and Aspects Management program, through which it carried out execution of ac- tion plans developed based on a survey of im- pacts at 100% of its industrial units in 2016.  e Company uses so ware to manage and monitor action plans, dedicated to minimizing signi - cant environmental interference.
In 2016, a study on water use began, providing support for optimization of consumption with- out altering the quality of the process. Cam- paigns to raise awareness of water consump- tion were also held, which were promoted by Company employees and extended to the com- munity in some states. Moreover, atmospheric monitoring was done at all units in Brazil, to guarantee the quality of boiler emissions and better segregate solid waste to increase the amount of recyclable waste sent to specialized companies. G4-EN12 | G4-EN27
In addition, the costs and investments in the environmental area during the year totaled R$22,384,967.81 – funds that allowed for op- erational enhancement of the system, stud- ies and analyses for improving it, professional services, monitoring of atmospheric emissions and more.

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