Page 75 - Minerva Foods Sustainability Report 2016
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Water is consumed during production ac- tivities.  at is why the Company works to prevent leaks and uses modern and e cient equipment to manage water resources. Most units are supplied by surface water, which goes through Treatment Stations prior to industrial use. Consumption is managed by environment supervisors at in- dustrial units, who pass information along to factory and corporate managers.  is means there is integration between areas, aimed at rational use of water resources.
In 2016, Minerva Foods invested in Plans
Total water removed by source G4-EN8
Volume (m3/year)
Groundwater collected (m3/year) Surface water collected (m3/year) Total collected in the year (m3)
to Optimize Water Use at all units.  is study allowed opportunities to be found to reduce consumption through actions developed over this period. Additional- ly, measurement of macro and micro wa- ter  ows in critical processes was done at three production units, allowing the best speci c indicators for sectors and produc- tion processes to be compared.  e result of this work will guide the benchmark of water e ciency, geared towards real gains in savings and operational awareness.
Note: in 2016, key 2015 Environmental Health and
Safety (EHS) indicators were applied at all units, with consumption targets and a reduction goal of 5% in relation to the average from the previous year.

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