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                           the protec approach
  Bespoke Solutions
We work in all kinds of environments and we relish the idea of finding unique and creative solutions needed for each project. We combine imagination, art and technology to create outstanding experiences. Our attitude of being able to embrace change while working in uncertain and dynamic environments helps us come up with new and creative solutions to any challenge encountered along the way. We have found that when we merge innovation with creative ideas, we get the best results. Protec has this ability and the proof is in every event we have been involved in, creating extraordinary event experiences.
Quality Control
We follow the best professional practice in every aspect of management – from planning to tendering to scheduling. Our mission is not just delivering globally acclaimed work but also ensuring the process of these deliveries are just as good and safe.
Engagement & Support
Team care is so much more than just not expecting the crew to work 18-hour days or seven-day weeks. It’s about getting them to engage with the production and contribute their own ideas to enhance the technical delivery and to strengthen the overall event experience. Whatever the event, whatever the scale, wherever the venue; we always work with the belief that we can make the planning, creative, logistics and delivery of every event easier by working as one unified team.
As a result, we have an early understanding of the event’s message along with our client’s vision. The merger of Protec’s work ethic along with our client’s, brings about stronger collaborative efforts with much greater results.
Team Spirit
With every great event comes great responsibility. The responsibility to unite with the client’s vision and deliver that vision to its potential and beyond. We use all our experience, skills, expertise and tools to harness this team approach with our clients and suppliers, to produce inspirational experiences... consistently.
We work as a team in order to create and strengthen the legacy and purpose of every event. This is done not just with the 170 strong full time team at Protec Middle East and Protec European Events, but with every key associated person or company and client.
This comprehensive approach ensures there is one vision
and one message that is delivered by one team within an inspirational environment, whilst continuing to honour our clients’ guidelines. At Protec, we continually foster team spirit, commitment and group identity which in turn encourages and facilitates flexibility, cooperation, reliability and trust. We listen, we communicate and we encourage actively, thus ensuring that we are able to harness the very best from every member of the team and achieve our shared goals.
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