Page 12 - Protec Global Brochure Feb 2020 Update
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                           WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PROTEC
Our mission is to continually raise the bar of creativity and deliver world-class event solutions beyond expectations with consistency and reliability for
live event productions.
     As one of the world’s most reliable technical production companies, we always aim to provide our clients with inspired creativity, using the latest technologies and innovative engineering skills from our highly trained professionals, whilst maintaining the highest international standards of health & safety. We develop and bring to life a world of creativity and imagination through advanced methods, using our ever
growing stock of the latest, state of the art technology in lighting,
sound, audio-visual, staging, rigging, hydraulics, motor control equipment, motion tracking, robotics, SFX, backline and conference equipment.
With investments in excess of USD 85 million, we continue in our efforts to support events of all sizes and types and offer the highest possible service, to consistently create extraordinary events.
10 Protec – Event Production Professionals

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