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Off-season training has become one of the most-effective tools for athletes to improve their game. Building strength, endurance, and accuracy creates muscle memory and builds confidence in athletes. At TSR, we’ve researched the best off-
season products to help hockey passing,
shooting, and stickhandling – three aspects of the game that will make you a better, more effective player. Visit any one of our eight (8) retail locations or shop online at training.html to check out these great training aids:
We all know that pretty passing plays leave us in
awe, and usually lead to both goals and highlight
reels. Giving the perfect pass is only half of the
passing equation; knowing how to receive a pass
(a good or a bad one!) is the other half. The
PassMaster Passer and Rebounder from Sniper’s
Edge is the perfect tool to help you learn to
consistently do both. The PassMaster’s solid steel construction and three-sided band design gives you the ultimate flexibility to work on passing accuracy, short bullet passes, rocket fast one-timers, and catching passes with soft hands. This tool can be used anywhere: the driveway, basement, garage, and any synthetic ice surface. Removable spikes also makes the PassMaster able to be used on real ice. You’ll never make a bad pass again with the PassMaster!
Giving and taking perfect passes may look pretty, but knowing how to finish the play (with the puck in the back of the net) is a skill that must be practiced, practiced, practiced! Sidney Crosby destroyed his mom’s dryer in his efforts to become an unbelievable sniper. We’ve got something that’ll keep you in your mom’s good graces: The Ultimate Goalie Shooter Tutor. This shooter tutor attaches to any regulation 6’x4’ net (also available at every TSR), is made of highly-durable Ballistic Grade Nylon, and will withstand the thousands of pucks you’ll be shooting.
A synthetic ice shooting surface is an incredibly useful tool for several reasons. Aside from the puck sliding on it more easily, a player can use their on-ice stick without changing the “feel” of the stick and without ruining the bottom of it the way asphalt would ruin a stick blade. Synthetic shooting boards come in two sizes to fit any space and budget. And, if you have a larger space, consider snap-together floor tiles for an even larger shooting surface.

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