Page 17 - The Hockey Academy News April 2019
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Get yourself a TSR Bucket of Pucks, a synthetic surface, and the Ultimate Goalie and you’ll be sniping corners and scoring more goals in no time.
So now you can catch imperfect passes and finish with the puck in the back of the net, but what about those opponents in your way? Learn to deke and dangle them all with a SweetHands trainer. Endless drills (use with CCM app to really up your game!) with this portable and versatile (use indoors or out) stickhandling tool to help you master basic stickhandling moves and complex toe-drags.
Stickhandling balls and pucks are made specifically to improve on-ice
performance so you can dominate your opponents. Using heavier-weight
balls and pucks make the player practice at slower speeds to reinforce technique and allow the player to develop better habits. The Sniper’s Edge Muscle Ball & Puck Pack and the Speed, Skillz, and Muscle Balls will help players get the most out of stickhandling.
Off-ice training equates to on-ice success and, as with anything, the bigger you train, the bigger you play. We have stocked every TSR with these training tools – and many more – so your off- season can be as epic as ever. Visit for store locations and hours or to shop for TRAINING online.

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