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to work in and it’s turning plenty of good people away from the
sport. Finally, we need to build the officiating pool. We are asking league directors to reach out to any player 14 and above about the positive aspects of officiating. They hear and see many of the negative aspects while they’re out there on the ice or read about on the internet, but the positive aspects often outweigh the drawbacks.
For the 14-year-old player, they need to look at this as an opportunity to get more ice time, see the game from a different perspective, and at the same time make some money on the side. The skills that they’ll develop will also help them when their playing days are over as officiating may offer them an opportunity to remain on the ice. Some of my best officials are ex-players and they’ve gone on to enjoy long and successful careers working college and professional ice hockey after their playing days are over. Unfortunately, some of them are about to leave the game they love, so it’s imperative we continue to find those passionate about the game of hockey to continue building the officiating
pool. USA Hockey Seminars
will start this June for new
officials below is the information for the USA Hockey Officials Registration that can help you get started in officiating,
For those seeking to Advance these are the Super Seminars for 2019-20.
For those interested please contact me at gene@ or Gene Binda Jr. geno1477@gmail. com
Trainings are all year long with classroom training at the Foxboro Arena, Rustuccia Arena in Wilmington, Haverhill-Valley Forum, Boch Arena in Dedham and the Atlantic Hockey Office in Winthrop Mass.

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