Page 14 - Santa Cecilia Orchestra Season Brochure 2019-2020
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 Discovering Music
Discovering Music is the Orchestra’s award winning educational program that has reached more than 200,000 children in 80 schools in Los Angeles. The initiative is really a series of programs that bring the beauty and power of classical music to students at every level.
The founding program offers elementary school children maximum exposure and access to music, providing one orchestra musician per classroom for every classroom in the school, assuring every child direct and personal contact with the musicians. The musicians’ willingness to share their experiences with music so freely invites a dynamic exchange with the children, who find a fascinating medium through which to explore their own potential. Throughout a school year we offer more than 1,000 individual and chamber performances in classrooms!
String Program
Our String Program consists of weekly one-hour group lessons on violin throughout the school year. The lessons take place during school hours to augment the regular curriculum and are taught by specially trained string instructors with extensive professional experience in music. Each year culminates in a performance for peers, families and the community.
Our mentorship program for middle and senior high school students includes exposure to a full range of instruments including all strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion. The program was designed to help students who already play musical instruments with improving their technique and musicianship.
Every program in Discovering Music is free of a charge to the schools, children and families participating.
Help us continue this vital work by supporting Santa Cecilia Orchestra. Become a donor today! Call 323-259-3011 or go to

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