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 Fabrication Options:
Holes and Slots
When bolts, screws, or rivets will be used for plate mounting. Holes can be countersunk. Specify diameter and any relation to grain direction. Specify locations using Edge-to-Edge, Edge-to-Center, or Center-to-Center dimensions. (Price is per hole or slot)
Add – $0.13 ea. + $41.50 set-up | Center-to-Center Spacing - $0.13 ea. + $58 set-up | Countersunk (.040” min thickness) - $0.42 ea. + $83 set-up
Double Face Tape (Full or partial coverage available)
2-mil 3M clear tape – $0.07/ | 5-mil 3M clear tape - $0.08/ | 8.5-mil. Tesa yellow tape - $0.13/ | 1/32” Foam black/white tape- $0.17/
Custom Corners
Standard corners are square. Corners can be optionally rounded, inverted, or clipped. Some dies may have these corners included.
Add (for any optional style) - $0.53 per plate + $41.50 set-up
Stamped Serial Numbers
For manufacturing and equipment inventory. Available in 1/16”, 1/8”, 5/32”, or 1/4” tall numbers, 9-digit maximum Consecutive Serial #s - $0.25 / line + $41.50 | Non-Consecutive Serial #s - $0.33 / line + $41.50
.Beveled Edges
Available on satin finish, .040” minimum thickness. Add - $0.25 / lin. in. + $41.50 set-up
Finished Satin Backs
Add - 5%
.Magnetic Backing Add - $0.17 / sq. in.
PMS® Color Matching for Screen Print or Etch Fill
Add - $25.00/color
Art Specifications:
Charges for art, typesetting, or color separations will be quoted by our staff. We accept files in CorelDraw, Illustrator, and InDesign. Vector artwork is preferred. Acceptable raster file formats are: bmp, jpg, psd, pdf, or tiff, but may incur an art charge. When applicable, send fonts or convert text to curves/outlines to avoid substitutions. All submitted art should have a copy sent along for verification purposes. Artwork can be e-mailed to (Sales@
Line Strokes and Borders
All borders must have a minimum thickness of 0.05”. Hairline (approx. 0.0035”) is not recommended for the etching process as the detail starts to break down. The legibility of fonts are affected differently if you are etching the background and leaving raised letters, versus etching the detail. Heavier, bolder fonts should be used when etching away the background, and fonts that are curvy or calligraphy based should be avoided.
Proofs and Pre-Production Samples
No charge for first proof. Email for price and delivery if pre-production samples are needed.
Imprinted Products (Etched, Screen Printed, Sublimated, UV/Digital Printed): 10 business days.
Standard Screen Print and Etch Fill Colors
Standard screen print and etch fill colors are shown below. These are approximate color references. Color may vary depending on substrate color and finish.
No.10 No.13 No.14 No.15 No.18 No.21 No.25 No.28 No.31 No.35 No.40 No.41
                Red Medium Blue Reflex Blue 1805C 3015C Reflex Blue
Dark Blue 294C
Black Process Black
Brown White Yellow
Approximate PMS Colors
4625C White 108C
Green Burgundy Gold 348C 202C 871C
Silver 877C

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