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Q: Is the mounting hardware included with stakes and posts? A: Yes.
Q: What is the standard Gemini plaque clear coat?
A: Satin, which is 15% matte. Matte and gloss are also available. There is no extra charge for any of our clear
Q: What is the difference between a plaque and a plate?
A: Gemini plaque thickness ranges from 1/16” in our etched product line all the way up to 1” in our cast product line – with many thickness options in between! Plates start in thickness at 1/16” and go as thin as
.018”. Plates are recommended for interior use only and typically are ordered in higher quantity (10 piece minimum). Gemini’s Lifetime Guarantee applies to interior and exterior applications for plaques and interior applications for plates, unless otherwise noted.
Q: Does Gemini offer “rush” orders for an extra charge?
A: No. Typically production for standard plaques takes eight working days after layout approval is signed.
Customers can rush their shipping with expedited freight charges.
Q: What does Lifetime Guarantee mean?
A: Gemini guarantees all precision tooled, cast & architectural etched plaques for life. This means that should your plaque fade or contain any defect, we will refinish or replace the defective material at no cost to you, as long as the plaque is installed in its original location. Gemini will not cover your cost of removal, re- installation or any subsequent work done on the mounting surface. Name plates, tags & badges warranty can be found on page 46.
You can find more details about our guarantee on page 56.
Q: Does Gemini quote freight charges?
A: Gemini offers guaranteed ground freight charges on most orders to better serve our customers. If you
require rush shipping, please make a request when placing your order. See page 58 for more information.
Q: Are there charges for creating layouts?
A: Gemini will create up to two layouts per order at no charge to our customers. If a third layout is requested, a
charge of $25 will be applied.
Q: What is Gemini’s return policy?
A: Most Gemini products are custom-made for specific applications. However, as a service to our customers, we offer a credit (within 6 months of order shipment) of up to 50% of the original net price for returns, $500 max. Freight is not included in the credit.
Q: What is the smallest letter that can be used?
A: Using Gemini Times New Roman, Bookman Old Style or Myriad, minimum height is 1/4”for letters in all
uppercase, 3/8” for text that uses both uppercase and lowercase letters. 57

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