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O’Gara Coach Westlake • • Architect: Behr Browers Architects • • Photography: Douglas Hill
This unique white finish has high light reflectance (LRV=0 92) to improve lighting efficiency plus a a a a matte very low gloss textured surface surface This surface surface disperses the reflected light rays in a a a a a a 360° non-directional non-directional diffuse pattern Due to the the the non-directional non-directional distribution of the the the the reflected light the the the the surface will appear to have the the the same light intensity from any viewing angle Diffuse reflection All light beams which strike the surface will be reflected in all directions Left: The LED bulbs leave hot spots and glare Right: Blanco Mat high LRV (93) factory finish eliminates high spots and glare +Blanco MatTM
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