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P. 115

metal: grau
metal: style white
arboreal: anigre arboreal: eucalyptus
metal: kryolite
metal: blanco mat
arboreal: maple arboreal: vg fir
metal: sateen
metal: silver
arboreal: white
oak arboreal: mahogany
arboreal: cherry arboreal: walnut ANODIZED ALUMINUM
Several of our beautiful anodized finishes have up to 70% post- consumer recycled-content aluminum PAINTED ALUMINUM
We apply the full spectrum of factory- applied fluoropolymer polyester and other coatings to recycled-content aluminum EXTENDED FINISHES
Arboreal finishes have wood veneer applied to recycled aluminum They have a a a a a a a UV-cured finish that is is durable and VOC-free FSC certified veneers are available Veneers contain no added formaldehyde They can be plain rotary quarter or or or rift cut leaves can be book slip or or random matched For more colors & patterns please contact your local USG Ceilings Plus rep custom paint color CeilingsPlus com 115
felt expanded metal 

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