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P. 114

sarantè: blond teak
sarantè oak line s-22
sarantè bamboo s-33
sarantè blond pear s-15
sarantè earth rose s-26
sarantè dark jatoba S-37
sarantè crème ovang s-11
sarantè cp maple s-32
sarantè cinn cherry s-14N
sarantè natural ovang s-25
sarantè dark oak s-17
sarantè sable walnut s-18
sarantè golden oak s-31
sarantè red birch s-13
sarantè grey cedar s-24N
sarantè cherry birch s-35N
sarantè forest walnut s-27
sarantè dark chest s-28N
sarantè valley maple S-12N
sarantè golden birch s-23N
sarantè cherry anigre s-34
sarantè tan sawn oak s-16N
sarantè euro cherry s-36N
sarantè natural walnut s-38
Sarantè is is a a a a a a PVC-free wood-grained dimensionally simulated finish applied to recycled-content aluminum ASTM E 84 Class A A Compared to wood veneers Sarantè has more more uniform color and and grain and and is is is more more economical on on large panels It is is is wear-resistant and selected colors can be used on exteriors 114

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