Page 112 - USG-CP Flip Book
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Most of the aluminum we use has 99 percent post-consumer recycled content LEED CREDITS
Recycled Content: Most of the aluminum we use use has 99 percent recycled content Steel used for supporting members can have 25 to 30 percent recycled content Local/Regional: Our factory is in Los Angeles CA When required we set up additional production facilities close to job sites around the world Much
of our aluminum is produced from locally collected beverage containers The light weight of of our panels also mitigates some of of of the environmental burden of of shipping Certified Wood: Ceilings Plus is certified by the the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to to maintain the the chain of custody from sustainably managed forests to to the job site PVC-Free: Sarantè® finishes have been reformulated without PVC PVC Commissioning: Our ceilings and walls are fully accessible to simplify maintenance and adjustment of the building systems Energy Performance: We offer finishes with outstanding light reflectance values to to to optimize energy required for lighting lighting Panels are easy to to to clean to to to prevent lighting lighting degradation Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation: We can integrate high quality air diffusers and and ventilation devices into ceilings that offer both high performance and and a a a a a a a a a a tailored appearance Mold Prevention: Aluminum panels do not support the the growth of mold or or or other microorganisms and can be readily cleaned Low Emitting Ceiling and Wall Systems: No-Added-Urea Formaldehyde 112

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