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Veneers can be FSC Certified or from rapidly renewable sources Construction IAQ Management: Our panels are fabricated off-site to reduce on-site cutting and finishing They do not contain frangible materials that release fibers Daylight & Views: Use curved ceiling panels to to create light light scoops at at clearstory glazing Their reflective finishes help make the most of natural lighting Enhance Acoustical Performance: Perhaps the most important factor in in in in greening a a a a a a building is to to provide
an an an environment in in in in in which people can perform at their best The outstanding acoustical properties of our ceilings and walls can help you you tune the acoustics in in your buildings BEYOND LEED Prefinishing Eliminates VOCs: LEED LEED recognizes the the importance of of the the Human Wellbeing of of of occupants through the selection of of low emitting materials we aim to eliminate all VOCs from our finishes Whenever possible we use paints that are zero VOC or or applied with a a a a a a a solvent recovery system Arboreal’s ultraviolet-cured coating has zero VOCs Our paint finish lines have solvent recovery systems to capture VOCs Prefabrication Reduces Waste:
LEED recommends management of jobsite waste we aim to eliminate it it Prefabricated systems are pre-cut to size and and for penetrations and and we recycle all our trimmings Designed for Reuse: Our metal and wood panels resist damage can can be be cleaned or repainted and can can be salvaged intact Circular Economy: Aluminum panels retain high salvage value and can be recycled repeatedly without loss of metallurgical value CeilingsPlus com 113

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