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Northumberland, Cumbria and Durham
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Northern Region Chairman’s Update
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shows round-up
At the time of writing this article, the Northern panel has just completed its shows schedule for this year.
First up was the Glendale Show at Wooler, the premier show in North Northumberland with over 12,000 visitors. This was a great success and allowed us to try out our sponsored marquee, newly purchased stands and banners. Over
the course of six hours we gave out literature to many, and more detailed allotment and horticultural advice to a further 65 people from around the north, the UK in general, and even abroad (Italy and Florida).
Our next shows were Newcastle, Spennymoor, the Northeast Horticultural show and the Chester-Le-Street show.
Apologies go to Cleveland and Hartlepool this year, because we were too late to book a space, also Cumbria because we were not sure about the opportunities available. We anticipate next year’s programme will be better as we have aspirations to involve all areas of our region.
Glen March
 38 Allotment and Leisure Gardener
I am pleased to report that the progress made over the last quarter has been good. We now have two more talented individuals co-opted to the regional panel; a Mr Harry James (Newcastle) and Mr Brian Hastings (South Tyneside). Both are active with us already, and you will no doubt come across their work shortly.
The last quarterly members meeting
in July went well, with 25 in attendance and 14 apologies received. At this meeting, we concentrated on improved administration with the agenda sent out in advance, the previous minutes circulated, and all reports and presentations supported with written documentation when possible. The meeting also included an open forum which proved diverse and informative. The draft minutes of the actual meeting were then sent out to all northern members within two weeks. This is
an administrative standard I wish to maintain.
The NAS Northern Mentor, Mike Brannigan, is working closely with our own Northern Representative, Glen March; between them they are handling numerous member enquiries and Corby referrals. They have started a member enquiry recording system to ensure member issues are not lost and that members get the best possible service we can provide.
The Northern Region had seven new association memberships and four new individual memberships last quarter, which is a significant improvement on previous performance. However,
not only do we need
these new members, but
we also need to contact
each of them and ensure
that they know what is going on in our patch. This involves people and resources so please consider adding your name to our list of
local volunteers.
Our regional shows programme started this year and we have been active in most areas of our region. We missed some venues because of a late start, but we will get better next year.
The Northern Region section of the quarterly magazine is now receiving more good news items, both direct from our members and from the regional panel. Let's try and keep this work
up and it would help if any members thinking of making a contribution
let our regional secretary know by email. We do not want to overload the publishers, all at once, with too much good northern stuff!
We are currently also trying to put together a list of interesting speakers and topics for the autumn/winter season; let our secretary know please if you have any ideas for both.
Finally, may I also say a big thank you to those members in the north who have contacted me and our other regional panel members to comment on the work now underway to revitalise the Northern Region. Onward and upwards!
Neal Storey, Chairman, Northern Branch

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