Page 5 - HC Observer Corby Edition April 2017
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Inspired by Banksy?
Banksy's works of political and social commentary have featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world.
...and so our vision for the Henderson Connellan of ce in Corby was that it too should be inspirational with it's very own piece
of street art which echoes some of
Corby's in uential historical events and architecture .
The mural starts with the original skilled steel men, many of whom relocated from Scotland, to help with the expansion of the steel works in Corby.
welcome to...
There are two images (one of them elevated) showing the exterior of the steel works in full  ow during their hay day.
From the steel works derived a thriving working community, we have a picture of the Stewarts and Lloyds football team as the proudly stand together. From the working wealth came new town amenities and we show the iconic Odeon cinema, the building still stands today on Rockingham Road. We also show an image of the memorial statue which captures the strength and personality of the Corby steelworker.
Catapulting into the current day era, we show some of the new (already iconic) buildings such as the Corby Cube civic centre and the fantastic sports centre which boasts an Olympic sized swimming pool.
Please pop in when you're passing next and take a look for yourself. You're most welcome .
...our Corby of ce

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