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                                                                                                                                                WO1 Cunningham completed the Dog Trainer Class 3 course in 1990 and went on to complete Class 2 and 1 Dog Training in due course. He was posted to NI in 1998 as an Arms Explosive Search (AES) dog handler, which was followed by a 2 year operational tour of the Province in Armagh and Londonderry. A return to the UK and a 2 year posting to the RAVC Support Group included a challenging 6 month operational tour of OP TELIC 1 (Iraq), again as an AES handler.
On selection to Sergeant he was assigned to 102 MWD Support Squadron in Sennelager, Germany, which included a 6 month operational tour of Baghdad, Iraq as SNCO IC and handler of the Chemical Detection Section in support of the Iraq Support Group (ISG). On return to Germany he volunteered for an operational tour in Afghanistan as an AES handler and SNCO IC of the Specialist Detection Section. On completion of this tour he returned to
Germany, he was soon after deployed to NI. On his return from OP BANNER in 2007, he was assigned to 104 MWD Support Sqn in North Luffenham as Troop Sgt. He was posted back to the DAC for a short spell before returning to Germany as SSgt and 103 MWD Support Sqn. He volunteered to attend the IE3D Handler and maintainer course in the US and ensured that all teams were at licensing standard before deployment. On completion of this tour he returned to the UK as 104 MWD Sqn Sergeant Major and returned to Afghanistan for a further 6 month tour with the Sqn. He was then posted to the DAC as RQMS, before being appointed the Chief Trainer on his promotion to WO1.
In early 2018 he received his final assignment order and will complete his service as DATR RSM. He was also selected as the Corps RSM in March 2018.
WO1 Cunningham has been supported fully throughout his career by his Wife Cheryl who at times has had to raise their Son Cole (16) single handed. Without this support he would not be in the position he is today.
Welcome to new RAVC Corps RSM
By WO1 Gregg Cunningham RAVC
  101 MWD Sqn Reserves “Biathlon” Event
 The final training weekend of the year for 101 MWD Sqn hailed the first annual Reserve Canine Biathlon. Teams of four handlers along with a MWD competed in various challenges around North Luffenham airfield.
There were 9 stands to complete in total, and subjects covered were varied. There was an opportunity for Reserves to utilise their ‘basic soldiering skills’, and at the same time get hands on training with a MWD. Clearly nothing is ever easy, and some of the stands had the inevitable unexpected twist. Stands ranged from a Corps history quiz with Major Chris Ham, to ration pack ‘Ready Steady Cook’ – with a sprinkle of dog agility thrown in for good measure.
This was the first time that the Reserves had used the Dismount Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) range since it had been recently fitted with new rifles – for some Reserves this was the first time that they had used the DCCT. They completed an Annual Combat
by Cpl Andy Miles RAVC
Marksmanship Test (ACMT) shoot; Pte Matthew Wanstall was the best shot of the day, scoring 37 points, followed closely by LCpl Karl Fellows, then LCpl Lucy Crawshaw and Pte Robert Dopson-Crockford in joint 3rd place.
Mental agility was tested during a command task with SSgt Andy Marsh, who tried his best to literally tie the Reserves up in knots. WO2 (SSM) Darren Garratt organised a taxing a second command task which had people running around with tyres trying to make a pyramid before the allotted time expired.
A Dog Agility stand, gave our MWDs an opportunity to get involved. Each Reserve was given the chance to handle their team’s MWD around the agility equipment. For the less experienced Reserves it was a great to reinforce and at the same time to learn some new skills and to see what the highly trained MWDs are capable of achieving.
Centre Pte Lee Cooper going back to his chef days in the kitchen
Pte Robert Dopson – Crockford conducting agility training with MWD Axel
                                                                                                through the town of Melton Mowbray
                  Friday 27th July at 10.30am commencing at the Market Place
     RAVC Parade 3m x 1m.indd 2
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