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 Way back in the 80s, a structured official RAVC JNCO Cadre had not been held for some time, in fact no-one could remember if and when there had been a previous course. So, in early 1983, 11 very handsome LCpls were selected to undertake a 2 week cadre at the RAVC Training Centre in Melton Mowbray under the ever watchful eye of RSM Ray Angwin, and the ever present booming commands of instructor Cpl Spud O’flynn.
All the usual military skills were taught, practised and tested, not to mention the inevitable daily 0600hrs PT, lots off drill, and of course much brasso, bed blocks, bull and blanco. At the conclusion it was a credit to all involved that 11 JNCOs commenced the course and 11 JNCOs successfully completed the course. The below photo may help to jog one or two memories.
RAVC Junior NCO Cadre in 1983
Standing - Roy Vidler, Steve Yeandle, Gerry Steer, Owen Pearson, Taff Jones, Mal Green (well known equitation instructor) Seated - Ron Shergold, Rick Holmes, WO1 (RSM) Ray Angwin, Col Morgan-Jones, Cpl Spud O’flynn, Mick Haywood, Mick Price.
Richard Holmes ex-RAVC
Richard Holmes is an ex-RAVC member who is now living in Thailand. Despite the distance, Richard is an active member of the RAVC Association. He is also the Standard Bearer for the Royal British Legion in Thailand and whenever he has an engagement, Richard proudly wears his RAVC outfit.
The photo shows Rick Holmes RBL Standard Bearer Thailand still wearing the RAVC cap badge being presented with a Certificate of Merit by the DA Col Chris Luckham.
We only have the 1 RBL branch in Thailand titled RBL Chonburi, but for support and assistance to the services community we cover the whole of Thailand. We play a major part in the Remembrance period and over the last few years have raised over 1,000,000bt each year. But our welfare team play a vital role in helping many service personnel, ex service personnel, and their families when in time of need.

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