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Sadly on Friday the 2nd of March 2018 Captain Dave Naylor Coldstream Guards passed peacefully away at North Luffenham. Dave was the Permanent Staff Administration Officer with 101 MWD Sqn.
Dave Naylor was born in West Yorkshire on 24th September 1967, educated near Dewsbury he later joined the 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards on 24th March 1985. He completed his basic training at Pirbright. Very shortly after basic training, Dave was posted to Caterham and then
to Stanley Fort in Hong Kong. Here, he cut his teeth as a Guardsman and established his current and future career which would always embody the spirit of the Coldstream Guards, embracing the Coldstream’s motto “Nulli Secundus” or “Second to None”. Whilst shooting in the Battalion, Dave had a reputation of being a marksman of the highest order and was soon selected for a snipers cadre, a skill he excelled in. Dave later deployed to Brunei learning to fight and survive in a close country environment. Captain Dave Naylor also saw service in many other operational theatres; Northern Ireland in 1988, where he survived a terrorist bomb attack at North Howard Street Mill, the sangar he was in was completely destroyed. Dave was fortunate to walk away unscathed. He deployed to Iraq in 1991 for the first Gulf war where as part of the recce troop. Deploying also on OP GRAPPLE for a taxing UN tour in Yugoslavia in 1993. Dave left the Regular Army service after a 22 year career leaving as a Warrant Officer Class 2 in September 2007. Having no break in service Dave Naylor joined the Territorial Army, working with 71 Signal Regiment at Bexleyheath. During April 2009 Dave was commissioned and he continued to work in the London area with various TA units. In 2014 he moved back closer to home near Grantham and became the Permanent Staff Admin Officer for the soon to be created RAVC Reserve Squadron at North Luffenham. As the PSAO, he demonstrated from the very start that he was a most effective Officer who gained respect from all ranks. Hugely experienced, having an understanding of all things Reserves service, from recruitment, to day to day management and all other matters pertaining to sub unit administration. Dave Naylor was an excellent role model to all, with his personal drive and determination, ever present in everything he did. Dave epitomised everything that the Coldstream Guards; the Army and every good British citizen stands for. His devotion and integrity in everything he did for the Reserves is legendary. The RAVC and in particular the RAVC Reserves benefited from his wisdom and he made 101 MWD Squadron a huge success.
Captain Dave Naylor is survived by Maria his best friend and wife, his son Arran and his daughter Paige.
Greatly missed but never forgotten.
By Eric Tanner, Partner Magill Earl
Lt Col Alexander Tanner died at home surrounded by his family following several months deterioration caused by an aggressive but thankfully painless cancer.
John is survived by his wife Shirley, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.
John completed a degree in Veterinary science followed by National Service as a subaltern with the Royal Artillery based in Scotland. Tasked with receiving lend lease naval vessels back from the Russians at the height of the Cold War.
In the early 195S0can’sned bytChameScannfear mily of four then emigrated to Canada. John opened his own veterinary practice in Saskatchewan and a spell working under veterinary drug manufacturer Eli Lilly, saw John dealing with cattle mainly on the prairies of Canada and years of pleasure with a growing family. Eventually in 1965 , the family returned to the UK. John once more joined the Army, this time as a Captain in the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. Service with the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery was possibly the highlight of his Army Career. Stints in Germany, Hong Kong, Northern Ireland and within the UK followed. John rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Invested as a Member of the British Empire for his military services.
Leaving the Army in 1985, retirement beckoned. John enjoyed his fishing, renovating the old farmhouse he and Shirley had bought together and running a one acre garden full of hidden secrets for the grandchildren. Eventually time took its toll and John and Shirley moved into a village in Cheshire where all mod cons such as shops and a Doctor’s surgery were all within walking distance. After seventeen years there, that was the place he chose to die.
A cremation and brief form of service was held at the crematorium at Walton Lea Cheshire, on 6 November 2017. Donations to World Wildlife Fund in place of flowers was requested.
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