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                                 CELEBRATING TEN YEARS
“It is still all about empowering our artists”
l Ten years have flown by, and yet, still at the core of the Harlem Fine Arts Show are the artists. Their passion for, and dedication to, our mission is what propels us forward each year and this year is no different. Despite all the additions to our show, our artists and patrons are the heart and soul of HFAS. We are back at the historic River- side Church in Harlem for another year, and are excited about the four days of non-stop events we are bringing to the tri-state area.
During our opening night festivities, we will remember our past as HFAS presents Lifetime Achievement awards to Robert Carter and Leroy Campbell. Carter and Campbell are two legendary artists, who have been a part of this dream from the beginning. Rooted firmly in the values of our
past, we will look to the future and speak to our vision for another 10 years.
HFAS has long acknowledged “art’s” place in science, technology, engineering and math (STEAM). This year, we are proud to take it a step further by partnering with IT Service Management Forum (ITSMF), leading to a stronger Youth Empowerment Day. The YED program will excite our youth, with the innovative ways to use science and tech- nology in art and other disciplines.
For our 10th Anniversary, HFAS will continue to explore the healing power of art with our Salute to African Americans in Medicine. The physicians in our communi- ty know that not all of our wounds can be treated with medicine alone. The scars of our past can be soothed when we subscribe to a healthy lifestyle, while surround- ing ourselves with inspiring works of art. We are proud to celebrate the healers and leaders of our community, who continually fight for “cultural nutrition.”
This year is the “Year of the Woman.” Women of color, in particular, have empowered our nation on a consistent basis. HFAS will celebrate phenomenal women, through-
  Harlem Fine Arts Show Founder Dion Clarke, CBS News Anchor Gayle King and Atlanta-based artist George Knox share a light moment at first HFAS in New York City 10 years ago
out this weekend, with our Saturday night Salute to Powerful Women of Color. And on Sunday, we will close out by celebrating five female Urban League President & CEO’s, representing the tri-state chapters.
HFAS’ mission has always been to showcase the art of the African Diaspora and we pride ourselves on being able to connect established and emerging artists with patrons in unique ways. We look forward to the next decade of staying true to our roots and keeping art at the center of our focus. To paraphrase the late, great Don Cornelius, join us for the “hippest trip in America,” as we kick-off our 10th Anniversary Tour!!!
Best Always,
Dion Clarke
Founder Harlem Fine Arts Show

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