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 2016-2017 NAMA Team Snaps A Quick Photo Outside Morgan Hall
2016-2017 NAMA Team
 ALEC Student Places Fifth at the National Agri-Marketing Association Competition
By: Emily Haskew
 Every year the University of Tennessee’s National Agri-Marketing Association team competes against schools from all across North America.
In April of 2017 the NAMA team traveled to Dallas, Texas, to compete in the annual competition. It was at that competition that the team went farther than they ever thought possible— finishing fifth.
Angeline Quinn, an agricultural education major, competed with the 2016-2017 NAMA team. “To be honest we were in shock we made it into the finals,” Quinn said. “Then to place fifth in North America brought about a since of accomplishment. We had spent so many hours working on the executive summary and practicing for the competition.”
The work put in by the team helped to contribute to their success.
However it seemed to be the team dynamic that really rounded the team out. Having a positive dynamic proved to be beneficial when it came to the team advancing in the competition.
The NAMA team is based in the agriculture resources economics department, but that didn’t stop the team adviser, Jon Walton, from finding talent in other departments housed within College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.
“I look for students who are engaged in their area of study, are self- starters, and get along well with others,” said Walton.
Placing fifth in this competition was a great accomplishment for the team. To go from not making it out of the first round for years to making it to fifth place was above and beyond what the team had planned for.
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