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 “It’s easier to work through challenging situations when you’re with a group of friends. Last year’s team was a little older as well. There’s no substitute for experience, and often that comes with age,” explained Walton.
Throughout the process of preparing for competition and actually competing, Quinn learned many skills and lessons. Quinn was also able to build upon the skills she had already established through her ALEC classes.
“I was able to gain more writing and public speaking skills. I feel like these skills will help me when it comes to my career after college,” Quinn said.
In order for the team members to gain these skills, they had to spend a large amount of time researching, writing and practicing their public speaking skills.
“Out of all the various skills we learned from NAMA, being able to speak in front of an audience was the most important,” said Kristen Walker, 2016-2017 NAMA team member.
Quinn’s experiences in CASNR have prepared her for life after graduation.
“In whatever career I decide to pursue, everything I have gained and learned from this experience will go with me into my career,” Quinn said. “I will forever be grateful for this experience and all that Walton did for our team.”
Being a part of the NAMA team gave Quinn the ability to make new friends, and to develop her professional skills. p
Quinn’s student teaching this spring was in Anderson County
“To place fifth in North America brought about a sense of accomplishment.”
- Angeline Quinn
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