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My real home was in the castle house in the neigh- borhood that almost wasn’t Detroit, where three of my sisters had already graduated from high school and moved on. I knew I would graduate too, just as I knew Raymond would be back. Lainey’s mom would let him in again, maybe even that night, maybe the next day.
haired translucent little girls didn’t get locked in tiny hot bedrooms, where I wouldn’t hear gunshots and wonder if someone I knew was lying there at Ray- mond’s feet.
Sinnett lives in Windsor, Ontario, with her family, across the river from her original hometown of Detroit, MI. She works on her writing with author Ariel Gore and the Literary Kitchen. Selections of her in- progress Detroit memoir have been published in and/or recognized by Hipmamazine, Penduline Press, Glimmer Train, Stealing Time Magazine, and Friends Journal.
  I leaned my head on the bus window. The autumn sunlight filtered through, casting a glow from an- other time and place, where attack dogs didn’t lunge through the slats of upstairs porches, where blond-
 Permutation 11
safety pin and acrylic on MDF board
33 3/4'' x 32'' x 1''
By Tamiko Kawata

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