Page 60 - WTP Vol. XI #5
P. 60

"Through fragments of photographs that I cut and trim from decades-old
and out-of-print magazines,
I seek artistic potential through the understated, through oblique and subtle imagery, aspects that will allow the viewer to form their own subjective narrative, as each collage or double-exposure transmutes undercurrents of meaning. Across different and often disparate sources, such fragments resonate in a way that draws them to each other against a background that I believe subtly en- hances the collage as it evolves. Moreover, the touch of color and varying textured paper both accentuates and obscures. This pro- cess incorporates techniques of cut-and-paste collage, as well as double-exposure, often including photographs I’ve taken myself.
"Some of the pieces depict partial, oblique, or frontal nudity to illustrate Carl Jung’s concept of the Anima: the female part of the male psyche — sensual, often oblique female archetypes where allegories give shape to dreamscapes of the unconscious, even as the faint image of the female reflects an abstracted, fluid persona — the objective and the subjective. My intents touch upon trans- gender femininity. Overall, my artistic directions and aesthetics are informed by photo-artists Yoko Mizuki, Heinz Hajek-Halke, and especially Katrien De Blauwer."
Jc aLfier

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