Page 74 - WTP Vol. XI #5
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 To make a long story short:
We want your short stories.
The Hudson Review's binennial short story con- test is open to first-time contributors.
First prize: $1000. Second & third prizes: $500. Winning stories will be published in The Hudson Review. All submissions will be considered for publication and payment at our regular rates.
From 9/1/23—11/30/23, submit online at or by mail (enclose SASE) to 33 W. 67th St., NY, NY 10023. 10,000 word limit. No submission fee.
With gratitude to Arete S. Warren for support of the Short Story Contest.
From top left: Shirley Jackson, Saul Bellow, Cynthia Ozick, Joyce Carol Oates, Luke Mogelson, Alia Ahmed, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Asako Serizawa, Eudora Welty, Thomas M. Disch, Vladimir Nabokov, Ursula K. le Guin (all published in The Hudson Review)

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