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   Rewards of Volunteering!
Pemi-Baker Community Health offers training via
‘Zoom’ in the comfort of your home
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By anna swanson
PLYMOUTH—With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the ben- efits of volunteering are enor- mous to you, your family and your community. Giving time to others can reduce stress, com- bat depression, keep you men- tally stimulated, and provide sense of purpose.
Pemi-Baker Hospice volun- teers come from a variety of professional backgrounds and represent many of the 22 towns that PBCH serves. Many volun- teers have had a personal expe- rience with someone who has benefited from all that hospice offers and have a strong desire to give back to other families in their community.
Hospice volunteers help our families in a variety of ways: reading to patients, writing let- ters for them, relieving family caregivers, light house-keeping, helping with outside chores, walking the dog or cooking meals. No amount of time is too small; some volunteers give 1-2 hours per week, some give
1-2 hours per month.
When asked what motivated
you to become a hospice volun- teer? J.W. answered: “When it became obvious my father was in the final months of his battle with cancer, we knew we would need the help of hospice. The respectful care, compassion and dignity that hospice provided for my father was amazing. They laughed with him, lis- tened to his concerns and made sure he felt as comfortable as possible. Most importantly, they valued him as a person and en- sured that his transition was as he would want it. Not only did they care for him, but they helped me make peace with what was happening, and pro- vided me with as much infor- mation as I wanted as to what to expect in the process. I had never realized how much hos- pice does to support a person and their family, and I was in- credibly humbled by it. I knew that when I felt ready, I wanted to offer whatever help I could to support families who are going through this.”
Our FREE training is done remotely via Zoom. Partic- ipants meet 2 hours a week on Tuesday afternoons from 2-4pm or 4-6pm depending on the participants’ schedules. The 5 week training is led by Alyx Balkwell, PBCH Hospice Volunteer Coordinator. Think you might be interested? Con- tact Alyx by calling or emailing PBCH for more information.
With over 50 years of expe- rience, serving clients from 22 towns in central and northern New Hampshire, Pemi-Baker Community Health is com- mitted to creating healthier communities. Services include at-home healthcare (VNA), hos- pice and palliative care, on-site physical and occupational ther- apy and aquatic therapy in their 90-degree therapy pool.
PBCH is located at 101 Boulder Point Drive, Plymouth, NH. To contact us please call: 603-536-2232 or email: info@ Visit our website: and like our Facebook Page: @PBCH4
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